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Contact us for all your salt and snow removal needs!

Have access to a complete line of plumbing and parts

Browse an extensive supply of pipe and fittings for all your plumbing needs. You'll be ready to tackle any size project when you are well prepared and have expert advice from us.

You'll definitely find what you need when it comes to our collection of replacement faucet stems and cartridges. You can also have faucet stems rebuilt and enjoy our pipe cutting and threading services. You'll have that leak professionally fixed in no time or have pipes installed that will last and last.

Be impressed by faucet stems and cartridges

You can trust that not only do Maple Heights Hardware and Supply, Inc. have the best selection of faucet materials, but they also carry garbage disposals, furnace controls, heating supplies, and pipe in PVC, CPVC, copper, black, and galvanized. Ask for David in plumbing to get extra help and advice.

Find additional plumbing supplies

Nothing is hard to find, as long as you look in the right place


Call for plumbing supplies, hard to find facet parts and more!


All the parts you need

You can bet you'll get the parts you need with experts ready to find even the most hard-to-find  plumbing parts that they can special order for you.

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